About Me


Halil's Story.

 Halil Ahmed.

I remember those my days in primary school when my teacher ask Me to write about Myself, I start like;
My name is .... I am ... years old. I come from... . etc. It was just fun and  I miss those good old days.

Anyway, I am Halil, Halil Ahmed. I am a Ghanaian by everything. I come from the Kete-Krachi in the Volta Region of Ghana. I lived my most of my life in Kumasi, Ghana's second largest city.  That's where I had my education from primary to High school.

Growing up I developed a love for new and innovative technologies adding to the fact that I like sharing ideas with people, talking with them to know their views and opinions about a topic. So I was quite different from my "Party-loving" friends.

Kikitek started back in High School not as blog but a group discussion. I use to sit my friends down to discuss about the latest in technology. I realized our discussion should go "out" not just between us. This made Me start this blog in January 2015. A few months ago. I am not an expert. I learn to share.

I am always doing that which I don't know in order that I may learn how to do it.

Also,I like Sports too. I enjoy running cross country and playing tennis. As for football, I watch it only when My country is in action. For Me, a bottle of water is  better than Chelsea playing Barcelona. I don't have interest in club football at all. That's who I am.

Equally important, I like keeping my friends and making new ones too. You can reach out to Me on Facebook or Google+. See ya!