Best 5 Power Banks To Buy Below GH¢ 100.

Power Banks are a perfect solution for your power problems. When using a power bank, you need not worry about your battery dying out and missing an important update, text, or call as it can charge up your phone whiles on the go.
Most power banks are universal and can give full power to any gadgets be it Smartphone, tablet, music players, game devices etc. They are also easy to use, carry and often have an LED flash light.
They are offered at various prices depending on their capacity, brand and the sellers. The following are the best you can get below GH¢ 100 on kaymu, an online retail store.


The pineng backup power is packed with a whole lot of features including an intelligent voltage recogniser that automatically detects the voltage of any gadget and a built in LED light. You're never alone in the dark.
It has a battery capasity of 10000 mAh that takes 5-6 hours to get fully charged.
Also, it  comes with 2 USB ports with which you can charge 2 devices at the same time. The power bank is compatible with any phone, tablet, game devices, digital cameras etc. and you can get it for as low as GH¢ 100.
Buy the Pineng power bank HERE.


Puller power bank comes with multiple cables for different devices. It has a 7000 mAh battery which takes up to 4 hours to fully charge. It can also take you up to 3 months on standby.
Puller power bank comes in champagne gold, black, tinquire and blue colours. It's priced at GH¢ 90.

Buy the Puller power bank HERE.




There are several of Samsung power banks in the market. They have different features and are tagged at different prices. The one in focus has 2 USB ports, and LED power display and light.
It takes 5-7 hours to fully charge it's 8400 mAh battery. It is capable of giving power to all smartphones, tablets, camera's etc.
It is available in white, blue, pink, yellow and green colours for GH¢ 70.

Buy the Samsung power bank HERE.



The panther power bank has a battery of 7800 mAh. Plus it has built-in mini torch light.
Again, it's equipped with high efficiency power conversion and electricity saving function. It has also an automatic power output adjustment feature that increase and decrease it's output to match your device's input. You can get it for GH¢ 67 cedis.

 Buy the Panther power bank HERE.



Power Bank external battery is a multifunctional digital charger for all electronic devices. It's battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh. Plus, it has an intelligent identification chips that are able to identify different kinds of digital products' voltage and electric current reaching the device. It has one USB port and a key chain.
It sells at GH¢ 30.               

Buy Power Bank's power bank HERE.      

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