Don't Buy Fake! How To Spot a Fake Galaxy S3 mini.

There are lots of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones on the market. Some are genuine, others are not. The fake/clone one's are mainly from China. The fact about these fake phones is that it looks 98% as the original based on the appearance. It's really hard to differentiate.
The "fakers" were really intelligent as they copied every feature/spec down to the menu. But the fake S3 mini has a much poor Camera and Sound quality as compared to the original/genuine one.

There's no way a fake S3 mini can have access to
Samsung App Store. In the original S3 mini the App Store displays as "Samsung Apps" but the fake displays "Apps". Watch out !!!

Again, the fake S3 mini claims to have an internal storage capacity of 16GB but when you connect it to the PC and check the storage, its only 17MB. Huh! How can you download apps with on a 17MB storage?. It really sucks.

So next time you're buying a new  Samsung Galaxy Phone, make sure you buy it from a trusted retailer to avoid buying fake. Also remember to ask for receipts after purchase. Just be Careful !!!


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