How To Put Old Computers To Good Use.


Thinking of how to deal with that age old PC to free up some space? Stop!! Don't throw it away so soon as it can serve other important purposes. Below are 5 ways you can put that old "Junk" to good use.

  • Create a digital photo collection:   

If you are a fan of photography then you can create a collection of you age old photos all in one place. This could be of good use in the future. Picasa and similar softwares can help you with that.

  • Create a Portable External Drive: 

If everything except the hard drive on your old PC is not working, you can turn it into a Portable External Drive. You just need a USB cable which you can buy at a nearby accessories shop.                

  • Turn it into a media player: 

You just have to budget for an LED screen, better Sound Systems or a Wifi headset and you could turn your PC into a Cinema. You can store thousands of songs, movies and videos which you can play at anytime.

  • Sell to purchase new one: 

It is always wise to invest in invest in newer technologies. The are not just brilliant but Eco-friendly and designed to run better and safer
apps. You should also think of selling that old "Trash" to help finance a new one.

  • Donate to put smiles on peoples faces:

 What you considers to be of no importance can be helpful to someone. Why not think about donating that computer to the needy and less privilege in the society. You'll get some blessings for that.


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