Top 5 Websites to Shop Online in Ghana.


Online shopping has become an integral part of peoples lives. For one or more reason, it's convenient and saves you time and cost of Transportation. One can buy and sell anything, anytime, anywhere from the comfort of his home. In addition you  get a large bouquet of products to choose from. You can easily compare prices from different shops too, whiles escaping the pressure of salesmen.
In Ghana, online shopping/e-commerce is in it's early days. Ghanaians are used to the traditional ways of shopping ie. Cash and Carry.

Aside the numerous time and cost saving benefits of shopping online, most Ghanaians are yet to embrace the new style of shopping.
The increase in the use of the internet among the people has led to the rise of many e-commerce websites in Ghana. Some are doing well, others too have nothing to write home about. The stiff competition in the industry is mostly due to the fact that many Ghanaians are now connected and most want a quicker and more convenient way to buy and sell. This compels the e-commerce sites to provide personalized services in order to gain more customers.

Let's grab a drink as we look at the Best 5 Websites to Shop Online in Ghana.

Buy and Sell or "To Na Ton" in Twi. It's provides the most easiest and convenient way of shopping in Ghana. Everything here is designed to suit you. You browse products by Region to choose the one that suits you and closer to you. When you get what you want you just take the sellers Phone number, call the seller to meet at a public place and pay for the product if only it suits you.
You  can buy almost everything on Tonaton; electronics, houses, books, pets etc.

It's an online portal where buyers and sellers meet to strike a bargain. There's a wide array of products you can buy on Kaymu. From Smartphone to tablets, watches, clothing, shoes and many more. Payment have been made much easier on Kaymu. You can pay through Tigo Cash or you can choose to pay on delivery.

I like Tisu for one reason, it's payment methods. You don't need any account to shop on Tisu. It accepts payment from MTN Mobile Money, VISA, Master Card  etc.

Ahonya like any other retail website in Ghana has in stock lot's of computers, electronics,phones and tablets and many others to choose. Ahonya says it will deliver your product to you anywhere you're in Ghana for free. You wouldn't have to pay for delivery. It's payment method too is a step back, you need to register with them before you can pay to purchase an item.

Zooba offers extensive variety of electronics, home appliances, items of fashion etc. at awesome prices. Zooba currently delivers all purchases in Accra and Tema only. It allows several modes of payment from iWallet to Airtel Money, Tigo Cash, MTN Mobile Money, PayPal etc.

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