How To Download Youtube Videos On Your Smartphone.

There are millions of videos available on Youtube.Youtube is the #1 video streaming site on earth. One can get videos to watch on every topic on youtube.
One great feature of youtube is that, it's mobile-friendly. You can browser through and watch popular videos on your Smartphone provided you have a good network connection.

Streaming a video on your smartphone can cause you much especially if you do not have a working data plan since it deals with sending and receiving over the  internet. It can also cause your phone to loose a considerable amount of battery as compared to watching the media content present on your phone.

Not until recently, many people thought it's never possible to download a youtube video on cell phone. Many even find it almost impossible downloading videos from youtube from their desktop browsers not to even talk of  cell phones.

We can't rely on streaming everyday, sometimes you need to watch a particular video over and over again or watch it later, hence the need to get it on your phone. But Youtube does not allow you to download videos from it's site therefore you need to rely on a video downloading app like TubeMate.

TubeMate Youtube Downloader provides you with two options, first to search for and  watch youtube videos using it's built-in browser and also to download a particular video of your choice for free.
TubeMate guarantees you faster video downloading, pause and resume an ongoing download in case your have a weaker connection or running out of  battery/data bundle.
Further, it offers background downloading so you can return to other tasks whiles your video is being downloaded.
After you finish downloading a video, you can share it on Twitter, Google Buzz or through E-mail.
Download TubeMate HERE.

NOTE: TubeMate is not available on the Play Store but can be downloaded and installed as a third party application.

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