Most Popular Mobile Network on Facebook.

Facebook has been the most popular and most used social networking site in Ghana and even in the whole world. More than half of Ghanaian internet users use facebook. Ghanaian companies are also turning to facebook to reach out for more customers, interact with existing ones and to gain popularity.

So I took my time to see how  the six telecom providers in Ghana are doing on facebook in terms of their facebook likes.
Lets see who's First>>>>
  •  Expresso Ghana is 6th with 1733 facebook likes. Quite a small number. But how many Ghanaians even use Expresso?.
  •  Glo Ghana on 5th position with 7269 likes. Pretty well for Glo as it's struggling to keep it's existing users.
  •  Vodafone Ghana has 350282 likes and on 4th rank. Vodafone I know has the best internet service but it's not doing so well on facebook.
  • The 3rd is Tigo Ghana who has 351890 likes to their page. Thats Okay.

  • The Airtel Ghana, 2nd with 414726 likes. Airtel they say, is the fastest growing mobile network in Ghana and it's gaining more popularity.
  • MTN Ghana on top of them all. It has 416413 likes on facebook. I don't doubt this as MTN is the largest mobile telecommunications network in Ghana. Online or Offline you'll find MTN, Every Where You Go.


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