How To Improve Your Typing Speed.


Technology is reshaping the way  we do things. Everything we do now is gradually going digital. Going digital means making use of more computers than anything. Schools, hospitals, businesses, and even in entry level jobs to mention but a few, make use of computers for their various tasks. In these and other institutions, basic computer literacy is a key requirement for employment. Very soon if you don't have some computer skills, you will not even get employed as you will be regarded as outdated. Therefore you need to have some basic computer literacy skills to make you fit in the current system and the future.

One of the basic computer skills everyone should learn is to be able to type. Not just typing but Touch Typing. Touch Typing simply means being able to type with all 10 fingers without looking on the keyboard. Not even a glance.

In Ghana, basic computer literacy skills are thought in many Primary, Junior and Senior High Schools. Some students take it seriously whiles other don't. Those who don't tend to use one or two fingers to type and some even have to look for the right keys before pressing it. It's embarrassing when such persons find themselves in the midst of people and they are asked to type. If you're one of those who type with two fingers then you need a change now. Your should learn how to type for it's never too late.

You can be a good typist in a matter of days. It depends on your capabilities and seriousness. Constant practise will make you familiar with the keys. Again there are quite a number of computer programs that are designed to teach people how to type. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a perfect example and also the most widely used. That was what I used to learn Touch Typing. It's designed in a way everybody can use: a beginner, intermediate or and advanced typist. It's also packed with interesting typing games to make your usage interesting.
In addition to a typing program, you should consider the following points too. It'll help you master the keys whiles improving your typing skills.

  • Don't  rush if you are a beginner in typing. It's doesn't take 10 minutes to be an advanced typist. You should practise  more, more and more as practise makes man perfect.
  • Don't look at the keyboard when typing. Not even a glance. Keep your eyes on the screen only. This will help you to master the keys quickly.
  • Stay focused to avoid making mistakes. You should work on your accuracy first. The typing speed increases as time goes on.
  • Take a break when you feel you're getting distracted easily and making lot's of mistakes. It's more productive to come back when you feel you're more refreshed.

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