Best 5 Android Games You Shoud Be Playing Now!!!

We've been through a lot this week. Lot's of hardwork, stress, tiredness, pains and many more. So why don't we refresh ourselves with some game this weekend?
Playing games is not meant for kids only, it's for everybody. It can be a source of relaxation and temporary release of pain. Further, it helps you to release some stress and improve brain functioning. And more interesting, it's a source of fun.


I first saw a friend playing this game on his touch-only smartphone. I kept wondering how easy it will be to play a soccer game on a touch screen... I was curious. So I had to find out what type of game it was and also to give it a try. And I did.
It was FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. I need not explain the type of game it is. "FIFA" itself shoud tell you. It's the best I've ever come across. The  FIFA Ultimate Team has onboard over 10000 real football players from more than 500 clubs worldwide.
It also features real football stadiums and a superior graphic packed with 30 real football leagues ike the UEFA champions league, Spanish La Liga, and German Bundesliga to mention but a few.
Again if you think you are good at coaching, you can build your dream team and put your favourite players to test. Earn some money from matches, trade and buy superstars like Messi, Neymar and others to build your dream team. Don't forget to buy Me too. At least I can score 10 goals in match.

Download Fifa 15 Ultimate Team HERE.


Unlike other racing games, Hill Climb Racing let's you battle your way through rough hills and obstacles to reach no where.
In this game, you take the place of Newton Bill. Or let's say you are a young and aspiring racer called Newton Bill. You're going to embark on a journey through the country side to the arctic, the cave to the desert, and a whole lot, to a place where no rider has ever reach.
Earn some coins to unlock new vehicles, stages and service your truck by upgrading the engine, tires, suspension and 4WD. Prove how good you're, share your score with friends on various social platforms.

Download Hill Climb Racing HERE.


Marble legend is a Zuma-like game with new looks and features. Just like Zumas Revenge, your primary task is to shoot to match 3 or more same  colored balls in order to destroy them.
Unlike using th emouse, the touch screen offers much faster and responsive input so you can crash the balls like IS whiles tapping the transmitter to switch between current and next balls.
This game is a good time waster.

Download Marble Legend HERE.


Pool Billiards Pro brings Snooker to your Smartphone. It's touch-based input makes adjusting direction and controlling the stick much easier and faster. You can snook all alone in it's Single Player Mode or enter a 2 minute Challenge Mode or even a Practice mode for beginners.
You can also test your abilities by entering the VS mode to play with the computer to see who's best, You or the Computer.

Download Pool Billiard Pro HERE.


The game that turns your Smartphone into a war zone. Gun Shoot War is an interesting first person shoot out game, easy to control, featuring you as the shooter. Your mission is to shoot, kill and destoy all your enemies whiles completing your tasks.
Your toil doesn't go in vain as you can earn some more gold coins whiles shooting at your enemies. With enought Gold Coins, you can buy new and better guns to make you more powerful. Whiles powerful, you can compete with other similar players around the world and share some more fun.

Download Gun Shoot War HERE.

That's all I have to share with you. If you know any other better than this, you can share with by commenting.

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