Best Online Translators You Can Use.


The  world is becoming more and more of a global village. People travel to different places across the globe for business, leisure or to explore those parts of the world. There or even in your home country, you get to meet different people from different walks of life. Some will not be able to speak your language and vice versa, but you still need to interact with each other, hence the need for a translator.

Being able to understand other language(s) will be a plus to you as you'll be able to interact with someone who cannot speak your language. He could be a friend, family or a business partner.
Again it makes you more diverse as you get to learn about different people and cultures and also the poster you saw when walking on the streets of Berlin or you can even order and Indian food in a foreign country.

Some years back, if you want to understand the meaning of a word or sentence  written in another language, you'll have to look for somebody who understands that language which is mostly difficult and time wasting not forgetting the cost if he/she appears to charge you. With the advancement in technology, things have changed a lot. There are now websites that provide translation services in many languages to individual and businesses most of which are for free. I bring to you below, the Best Five among them.


IM Translator is an online translation tool that offers free translation services to everyone to connect with friends, colleagues and business partners.
IM has a large collection of tools designed to give you a much better translation service like the dictionary, spell checker that delivers full featured high quality spell checking for accurate input of information in English, French, German and other languages, an on-screen keyboard, print and other cool features. You should give IM  a try, I can't say all.


SDL FreeTranslation is an online resource that enable individuals and businesses to translate websites, documents ( of up to 5MB) and texts from and to any language for variety of needs.If you don't want the automatic/computer translation, you can go for it's Human Translator Services where a professional translator will be assigned to you to help you to translate texts or documents for a fee.


Google Translate is the most familiar online translator in the world. Everything Google is well known. It has clear and easy to use interface and offers translation services in almost every language. Google translate still lacks some cool features found in other translation websites.


Powered by Microsoft, Bing translator also provides efficient spell out of words from one language to another. It has a much cleaner interface and offers translation services in 51 languages for free.


Worldlingo is a free online translator that offers free conversion of websites, texts and documents from one language to another. Wordlingo also has an advanced option to personalise your translation, print and clear your translate history.

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