How To Protect Yourself From Cyber Crime.


 Cyber Crime refers to a crime conducted online using computers and networks. It costs victims and the whole society billions of dollars each year. Consider this scenario;
Agyeiwaa received an e-mail in the name of her bank asking her to upload her online banking details. Minutes after she sent her information, She was surprised to see $5000 had been transferred from her account to another account overseas. She has been scammed!!

How to avoid Cyber Crimes.

  • Always keep highly confidential information like your Account no., Passwords/Pins away from people and never share them with anyone.
  • Be suspicious when an offer looks too good to be true:
    Cyber Criminals mainly target the Greedy and people who want something for nothing. They often deceive people with big money for no/ little work done and also a higher return for a lower risk investment. We shouldn't be fooled to committing to investments before ascertaining its legitimacy.
  • Be Cautious:
    Dont be deceived by proffessional looking websites. Also legitimate financial institutions do not ask you to e-mail highly secret information. Becareful when dealing with foreign companies. If problems arise, it will be very hard to re-solve.
  • Analyze a company and it's reputation:
    Before doing bussines with a foreign company, ask yourself these questions:
  1. Where can they be located; their country, physical address etc.

  2. Is the Phone Number they provided correct?

  3. Will My purchase involve any hidden costs?

  4. When will My order be delivered?

  5. Can it be refunded/returned?

The more we try preventing Cyber Crimes, the more Cyber Criminals try different approach to get us. One has to be on alert. Always.


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