How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Wireless Local Area Network or Wi-Fi as popularly known allows electronic device to share connections between themselves. Devices such as Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones can use wi-fi to connect to the internet throught a wi-fi hotspot.
Wi-Fi hotspots are not available in many places and if they are at a place, access to it may be limited to only a few people who have a password. In only a few places is wi-fi made public.

In view of this, many Smartphones now have built-in feature to create a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on them. Once done, you can share your Smartphones internet data connection with your laptop, wi-fi only Tablet and even with your friends. You can also give it out to other people for a fee.

Lets see how to turn your Android or Windows Phones into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

On Android;

Go to Settings >> Wireless and Networks >> More >> Tethering and portable hotspot >> Turn on your Wi-Fi hotspot to share your connection with other devices.

To set it up on your Windows Phone go to Settings >> internet sharing and flip Sharing to On. Then on the next screen you can keep the default login credentials or change them to something easier to remember.

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