Power Banks, an Altenative Power Source For Your Gadgets.


The demand for smarter phones still soars. Everybody wants to communicate the modern way and so is the need for smart phones. Smart phones are designed to perform multiple tasks in short period and this require enough power to keep them running. But most of the time, we don't get to charge them  when we should as power outlet is not available everywhere you go.
Imagine you find yourself in the middle of no where and you need call or text someone to come to your rescue, and your phone's battery dies out? Helpless..`

To help prevent a situation like these, Power Banks emerged came to sight. A Power bank is essentially an external battery in a sealed case. It's designed to give your phone additional power when you need it urgently. It's perfect for people who travel a lot.

Most Power banks are capable of doubling or even tripling your phone's or tablet's battery life depending on it's capacity. Again, you don't have to leave your phone on the counter or sit in the car to charge, recharge whiles you use your phone with a Power bank.

Modern Power banks have USB ports and Flashlights you can use to brighten up the place when power is out. Attach a USB cable to the Power bank and it's ready to charge any of your devices be it MP3, Tablet, MP4, Smart phone, etc.

Power banks like any other mobile phone battery requires to be charged too. Some are charged via flip-out blades for plugging into the wall socket. Others too, you connect their USB cables to a source like laptop to charge the bank. And the ones I like most are solar powered, they are ever ready to charge your devices as long as the sun shines. Power banks are small and portable. You can carry them in your purse/pocket to anywhere to solve life's little problem.

Will you go for a Power bank as a backup power for your smart phone/tablet in this times of Dumsor?

Your Turn:

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