Best 5 Android Apps Every Student Must Get.


Android is a great OS with interesting features. More  than 50% of Smartphones are Android powered. And most smartphone using students use Android.
There are lot's of educational apps available for Android phones but many are those who are not aware. People thought Android was developed for social networking and gaming, it has it's educational capabilities too.
Every student should make the most out of his smartphone not just for social networking but for something beneficial. Remember you wouldn't be thought everything in the classroom so is there a need for each student to read further.

We all know how addictive we are to our smartphones. So why don't we use them to improve our academics? since there are lots of Apps available in the Play Store. There is an App for every thing unless you feel too lazy to search for them. We shouldn't be fond of playing games and facebooking only on our phones. Let's make a better use of them. Below I bring to you 5 Must Get Android Apps For Every Student.


The first on my list is Elevate. Every student needs to be smart. Each should have good communication and analytical skill to fit in this smart world. Elevate is a cognitive training tool designed to boost communication and analytical skills among individuals. In short, it's a brain trainer. Elevate works through a personalised training program aimed at improving an individual's focus, speaking skills, processing speed and maths skill plus many others. It records detailed information of your usage so you can see your performance and the skill you need to work on.
All work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy. Elevate doesn't want you to be dull so it has 25+ selected games to keep your brain refreshed  whiles boosting your memory, precision, focus, maths and comprehension abilities.

Download Elevate for your phone here.


Another great tool each student should have on his smartphone is the Merriam Webster. Merriam Webster is a free dictionary app that aids you to find the meaning of words whiles on the go. Unlike many dictionary apps, Merriam Webster needs no internet connection to give you a definition. It's an offline dictionary. Again, it has a voice search feature where you can "Speak For Meaning" (hope you get Me) without having to type.
It gives a definition along  with synonyms and example sentences. Learn a new word each day with it's Word of the Day feature.

Download Merriam-Webster for your phone here.


How good are you at grammar? You shouldn't always be a victim of vernacular speaking. English as a core subject needs frequent reading and writing in order to pass your exams.You should not practise what you are thought only. When you're done with your english lessons, you can take some a test or two with English Grammar Test, an application that helps you to improve your knowledge in grammar. It has 600 built in English Grammar exercises arranged in 30 test to undertake to determine your strength in English Grammar.
The best  part of the app is that when you complete a test, it'll show you those part of Grammar you did well and the parts you need an improvement. Also, when you make a mistake, the app explains why your answer is incorrect. You also get to see your score in every test to take.

Download English Grammar Test here.


Most students I know claim to be afraid of maths.But maths is not a monster. It cannot eat you up. Before you become good at anything you need to do it over and over again. Practising maths has never been so interesting as it is with Maths Workout . Maths Workout is a unique brain polishing app that enhances your mental arithmetic skills. It takes you through a series of games and quizzes in various aspects of mathematics to keep your brain active and alert so you can make complicated calculations with ease. Be smarter than the others.

Download Maths Workout here.


How about going through some science Q&A's ahead of exam?
Sounds great right? Then get the Science Q&A app today. Battle against 1000 selected science questions relating to physics, chemistry, biology and general science.
Solve scientific problems like Albert Einstein, try the App today.

Download Science Questions & Answers here.

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