Quadcopters: Helicopters with no pilots.

I've always thought these thing were toy helicopters but anytime I see it on TV its operated by an adult.
Ah! how can an adult be playing with toy helicopters?.
Now I know they are Quad-copters/drones, helicopters with four rotors and no pilot. They are controlled by a pilot/flier on the ground. Quad-copters unlike helicopters are easier to build, easier to repair and less costly.
Quad-copters are increasingly becoming popular because of its ability to lift payloads. Small Quad-copters can lift up to a pound whiles bigger ones can lift up to 10 pounds of load. This means being able to lift cameras for aerial photographs.(even though some have in-built cameras).
Some commercial application of  Quad-copter I know include:
  • It helps in searching for survivors trapped in disasters such as landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. in areas considered too dangerous for humans.
  • It is also used by movie directors to create perfect movie shots.

  • Again, it is used in searching dense forest for missing hikers.
  • It can also  be used in mapping coastal erosion, forest lands and other geological surveys.
  • At weddings too, it can be used for taking perfect photographs.


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