Smart Watches, The Next Big Thing In Technology.


 Sony Smart Watch.

From cars that no longer needs drivers, PCs, tablets and smartphones, modern technology is taking the world over. Everything is going the "smart way", so are the things we do.

Each and everyday, people come out with new and innovative ideas that aims at changing the world for the better. Modern technology don't just look good, the are fast, reliable and Eco-friendly.
We've witnessed PCs and Smartphones transform the life's of  billions, and now, watches too are asking for a chance. A chance to prove what the modern watch can do.

Modern watches go beyond time keeping. Call them smart watches or  wearable computers. Some are programmed to run mobile applications and mobile operating systems like Android. They are also portable media players; they can play audio, video and FM radio through a Bluetooth or wireless headset.

 A flexible Android Smart Watch.
Others are too stubborn to feature full mobile phone functionality. They can make and receive calls, text messages, and do everything your phone can do. Maybe we should call that a smartphone replacement.
Smart Watches could be the only device one will need in the coming years. Since it's attached to your body, it will be very easy and much more convenient to carry them along . And also, it can do almost everything your phone  can do.
So will you like to own a Smart Watch?
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