Why You Should Get An Android Launcher.


Let your Smart Phone look different from other Android Phones, get yourself an Android Launcher Today!

 A launcher is simply a program that launches another program. The Android home screen is itself an application that launches other apps. Launchers let's you customize your home screen, launch apps, make superficial stuffs like changing screen transitions, icons, and fonts, and perform many other tasks on your android powered phone. Launcher do come as part of the Android operating system but there also quite a number of them you can download on Play Store.
Launchers are categorized into two (2). The design launchers and Smart launchers.

Design Launcher:

The design launcher gives you the freedom to change your phone's theme, layout, menu screen, fonts, icons etc. to create a catchy  look on your device. Again they enable you to add your preferred widgets, wallpapers, folders, screen transitions, collages etc. Some popular design launchers include: Nova, Go Launcher and TSF launcher.

Smart Launcher:

Smart launchers let's make the most out of your phone. They put the apps and info you need most on your home screen so you never really have to hunt for them on  your phone. They learn which apps you use most and when you use them so they can show you the appropriate apps at the right time. For instance, if I plug in my headset mostly to listen to music in the evening, my smart launcher will study that trend so whenever I plug in my headphone, it will display my music player for me on my home screen. It saves me the  time of going through my phones menu to look for and open my music player. Great! isn't it?.
Popular among Smart Launchers include Yahoo's Aviate and Everything Me.


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