How To Use Google Search To Find Your Lost Phone.


If this feature was available at that time, I would have used it to locate my phone which I lost in our room in school last year. That day was one of my darkest in school not because of what I lost but because it was a gift from My Mother to Me. So I cherished it so much. Coincidentally, I had an exam the next morning so I quickly forgot about the phone.

Many others like Me have misplaced their smartphones in one way or the other. Some are lucky to find theirs but in most cases, it's gone forever and ever. For many, it's not about the price at which they bought the phone but the files on them. The messages, contacts, personal pictures, videos ... and mention them. They are much more valuable than the phone itself.

Nowadays, finding your lost phone is simpler than ever. Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phones all have ways of tracking a lost device. In this post, the spotlight will be on an Android powered phone.
Google recently announced a new feature that allows people to use Google Search on a web browser to track their lost phones by typing the phrase " find my phone". This feature is part of Android Device Manager app that allows you to remotely control your phone's behaviour.
As long as you've logged in to your Google account on your phone, this feature will be at your service.


  • Type "find my phone" in the search box of a web browser and ask Google to search for it.
  • The "find my phone" map  will appear at the top of Google's search results.
  • Clink on the map and verify your Google account with your password.
  • Once you've logged in, select the particular device that's no where to be found and leave the rest to google. It will search and show you the exact location of the phone.

Once known, you can call the phone prompting it to ring at the loudest volume for 5 minutes until found. You can silence the phone by pressing the power button when you find it.
Also if the phone is not nearby, you can remotely lock it or erase the phones data to prevent people from stealing it.

Always keep in mind that if the phone is off, not connected to a data network or wifi, this feature wouldn't work.

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