How To Save More Data On Your Phone.


Do not let your Apps control your phone's data. You should choose when your Apps should "Send" and "Receive" over the internet.

I send, receive, and search via the internet a lot everyday. So I can't depend on Pay As You Go. I subscribed for a weekly bundle which it ends up exhausting 3-4 days earlier than schedule. I noticed that when I leave my data connection ON even when my phone is idle, my data bundle still decreases. My friends had a similar problem. Our Apps were making use of our data without our notice.

Anytime you turn ON your internet connection, all Apps that uses the internet in a way or the other connects to the internet to refresh and update themselves. They synchronise with their servers in the background which makes use of your internet bundle.
This simple trick below will restrict your Apps from using up your data in the background.

Note: Restricting or preventing the background data usage of your Apps does not guarantee your data bundle to last a lifetime. It only helps to prevent unnecessary data usage.

How to Restrict the background data usage of Apps:

  • Go to your Phone's Menu.
  • Open your Phone's Settings.
  • Under Wireless and Networks choose Data Usage.
A graph of your Phone's data usage appears. Below that is a list of Apps on your phone and the amount of data they consume. Then,
  • Select your preferred App and tick the "Restrict Background Data" check box. And you're done.
Note: When you restrict an Apps background data usage, the App will not be able to Receive any new notifications until you open it personally. If you restrict the background data usage of WhatsApp for instance, you will not receive any new Messages unless you launch WhatsApp. So you should know which App to restrict it's background data usage.
Hope this is helpful.


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