Free Facebooking on Airtel.


Airtel Ghana offers free Facebook access to its customers. Don't worry about balance, it's just free for everyone on Airtel.
The deal is part of Facebook's plan to make the Internet and social media accessible to millions of people across the globe at an absolutely no cost to the subscribers. It launched in 2013 with the aim of bringing affordable Internet access to everybody by increasing
accessibility, affordability and facilitating the  growth of new business models.

 We all know Facebook is the most popular and most used social network today. Business rely on Facebook to boost their online popularity and also reach out to new customers whiles interacting with existing ones. So making Facebook affordable/free for many people means an increase in 500 million subscribers with 250 million using it each day. By increasing active users, business will also do more adverts the site with end up pumping even more revenue to Facebook. A very intelligent strategy Facebook adopts. That's "Helping You to help Me".
Let's all make good use of it!!!.


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