Britain uses human waste to fuel its first 'Bio-Bus'


Britain's first "puu puu" bus is set to hit the streets on Wednesday, March 25. The bus which will be running on human waste will operate four days a week from Cribbs Causeway to Stockwood.
The bus, powered by biomethane gas, will utilize waste from more than 32,674 households along its 15-mile path. If you find yourself along this route, think of doubling your food intake so you can puu more for the bus. The route is being operated by the First West of England and depending on the its success, the company is considering implementing bio-buses as an official form of transport.
Managing Director James Freeman said:
 Since its original unveiling last year the Bio-Bus has generated worldwide attention and so it’s our privilege to bring it to the city, to operate, quite rightly, on Service 2.

Ghana would have been the best place to implement this bus as we find difficulty in managing our "puu puu". It's scattered everywhere in some localities. This will prove that our "puu puu" and wasted food are valuable resources.

The 41 seater Scania Enviro 300 is 12.2m long and features an eye-catching design, depicting the very source of the fuel that powers the bus! The gas fuel is stored on the top of the bus and pressurized to 200 bar; on a full tank of fuel the bus can travel up to 300 km approximately which takes the annual waste of about five people to produce.

Biomethane which will be used to fuel the bus is obtained from sewage/toiled and food waste and has the same composition as natural gas, which is a fossil fuel. It can therefore be used as a direct substitute for natural gas, either in domestic supply or as a transport fuel.

Anyway how do you call "puu puu" in your school? In my school, it's Angola.

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