How To Check If Your Tecno Phone Or Battery Is Original Or Fake.


TECNO mobile is one of the most popular mobile phone brands in Africa.The company is widely known fro the production of high quality smartphones at prices the mass can afford. Their phones are know for it's long lasting battery and also good build-up quality which makes them last longer. TECNO know  the mobile phones needs of the ordinary African and so are they able to produce a phone to address those needs. They claim their phones are Built for Africa.

In the markets, they face a huge competition from other smartphone makers like Samsung, Blackberry and Nokia. Aside that, there is also the issue of imitation of their mobile phones. Many "fake" versions of their products have started to appear in the markets. Most of "these" can be found in Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia and other African countries. They are concocted to the extent that you find it difficult to distinguish between the original and the imitated one. Buyers must watch out!!!.

In getting rid of this situation, the company have collaborated with some mobile phone distributors to supply original TECNO phones in the market. They have also After Sales Service Centers where one can visit to have a check on his phone to know if it's genuine or not.
But having to locate and visit an After Sales Service Center can be so frustrating as the center might be too far from where you are or you don't even know where to locate the center. With all this, you end up not going at all.

Relax, I'm going to show you how to check for a genuine TECNO phone and how to check for an original battery right from where you are. No need to visit any  After Sales Service Center. To do that:
  • Click HERE.
  • Type in the IMEI and VC of your TECNO phone.
  • Click Submit to now check if your tecno phone is genuine or fake.
  •  Now the results will appear. You'll then see if you are having an original or fake version of TECNO mobile.  It's as simple as A B C.

Also to check whether your battery is Original, ;

  • Remove your battery and copy out the serial number (SN).
  • Click HERE. 
  • Type in the Serial Number (SN) of your battery 
  • Click Submit.
  • Now you will see if your Tecno battery is original or fake.
 Your Turn:
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