Things To Look Out For When Buying A Phone.


So you need a smart phone, and you need it now. Not all phones are good. In fact, some are Worse!. So if you plan getting a new phone, think Twice!. Remember money is hard to come by these days so you should yield maximum satisfaction from the little you have.
There are lots of smartphones in the market. Some are expensive, others too are offered at competitive prices. The quality of a phone doesn't always depend on it's price (even though it depicts mostly) but rather it's features. Two phones might have similar features but one may be priced higher than the other depending on the brand, popularity and it's demand in the market.
So you should look out for these features when buying a phone:


Don't be quick to judge a phone by it's look. It might be next to nothing. In terms of design, some like something "BOLD" like Blackberry and for others, a too feminine Samsung Galaxy range of Smartphones. They are all wonderful. It depends of you to choose the nice one.

Battery life:

Will you enjoy using a phone that needs to be put on charge every 30 minutes? Hell NO!. You should consider a phone whose battery can last for longer hours even when active.
NOTE: the lasting ability of your phones battery mostly depends on your usage. If you are found of playing games all time or listening to music or let's just say making your phone work always, the n don't expect your battery to take you far.


This is a major factor you must consider when getting a new phone. Phones with good processing speeds and bigger RAM capasities allows you to perform many tasks at a Go. Don't go for a "slow motion" phone (eventhough slow motion is better than no motion)  and a phone that tend to "freeze" along the line. They suck.

Camera and Sound qualities:

You might love taking photos/listening to loud music here and there. I personally luv phones with higher camera and sound qualities. Anywhere I go, I like to take pictures unless it's not allowed. If you want a good quality camera then forget about the Megapixel written under the camera. You can't compare a 5.0 Megapixel camera on a TECNO phone to that of Nokia. Not at all. They are simply not of the same quality.

Storage space:

I hate when  I try capturing a photo/video or downloading a content from the web and my phone  tells Me that I don't have enough storage. When it happens this way, I get confused as to what to delete on the phone since I need them all.
Also, what capacity of expandable storage (Memory Card) can the phone support?. At this stage you should be thinking of 16, 32 and 64 Gigabyte of Expandable Storage Capacity.

Screen Resolution:

Screen/Display Resolution is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension  that can be displayed. It is usually quoted as "width" * "height" eg. "1024" * "768". A phone with a higher resolution displays images much clearer and sharper  than that with a lower resolution. The more the resolution, the sharper the picture quality.

There are several other cool features you must look at for depending on your preference. It may be brand, OS, thinness etc. If possible, try a phone in a store before buying it.


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